Narnia is the New Nutcracker!

Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee presents Christmas in Narnia coming this December

Tallahassee, FL – Going to see The Nutcracker is a yearly tradition amongst many dance and holiday enthusiasts alike. This year, however, the Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee is bringing a new holiday delight to northern Florida that is sure to be unlike anything that residents have ever seen. Coming this December, the Center will present Christmas in Narnia, an adaption and continuation of the “Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis.

The original story, featuring the Center’s Company Études, has been created and masterminded by Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee’s Amy S. Lowe with the help of The Acting Studio @ PACT’s Naomi Rose-Mock. Lowe is the owner and Artistic Director of the Center with an extensive background and training in dance, including most recently securing American Ballet Theatre® curriculum certification. Rose-Mock is the teacher and Director of the Acting Studio and has directed dramas and musicals in the surrounding Tallahassee areas for the past six years. This show is sure to be a treat for all ages as audience members will be whisked away from their seats and taken to the enchanted world of Narnia.

The plot illustrates that the people of Narnia are celebrating their first Christmas in centuries until the terrible White Witch returns evoking panic upon everyone. Audiences will follow the dancers and actors through trials and triumphs as they try to defeat the White Witch and bring holiday joy and happiness back to Narnia again.

Christmas in Narnia will be held at the Quincy Music Theatre in Quincy, Florida on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 6pm. Tickets will go on sale in October. The Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee invites all of Tallahassee, Quincy, and surrounding areas to come join in an evening of fairy tale, dance, music, and theatre. For more information about the performance, tickets, or studio, visit


One response to “Narnia is the New Nutcracker!

  1. Our family is looking forward to seeing/being a part of Christmas in Narnia!!

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